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    About Us

    At ThailandAmazing.com we do what we love, help people explore Thailand. As being the locals, it’s our pleasure to welcome tourists from all over the world.

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    Places To Visit in Thailand

    Gorgeous beaches, blue lagoons, modern cities with the famous “tuk-tuks”, ancient ruins & you name it, Thailand reminds us of the place we have dreamt of in our childhood. It’s a country where versatility is at the peak.

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Why Thailand

Thailand is considered one of the most popular travel destinations in the world. It’s located in the center of Southeast Asia. Before this country started attracting tourists, it was a “daring” place to travel.

Time has changed and so has the perception. In recent years, Thailand has been the go-to travel destination for the majority. Travelers can accommodate themselves in simple huts of Koh Samui or book fancy five-star hotels in Bangkok.

Thai kingdom radiates beauty, culture, love & versatile tradition. It is home to stunning plains, dazzling beaches, and enormous hills.

Thailand has so much to offer that one can’t cover it all in a single visit. Tourists come to Thailand multiple times for exploring & discovering the untold. It’s a country full of charisma, glamour & everything in between.

The History

In the early days, some tribals controlled an area that we now call Thailand. People of Mon & Khmer established a powerful kingdom that controlled the vast area of the country. Thailand’s culture & identity was greatly impacted by South Asians.

A 12th century AD inscription at Angkor Wat mentioned the existence of “syam” or dark brown people. It was the first mention of Tai people’s existence in Southeast Asia. That’s why Thailand is known as Siam & its people the Siamese.

A kingdom was established by an ex tribe member of Khmer at Sukhothai in 1238. Ayutthaya kingdom took over Sukhothai in the 14th century. Ayutthaya became so powerful that they defeated the kingdom of Angkor in 1431. Burmese kingdom took over the Ayutthaya kingdom and completely destroyed it in 1767.

Taksin & Chakri took over the invaders and expelled them after a few years to reunite the country under the Chakri Dynasty. Later in 1782, Chakri planted his new capital in Bangkok. The man was given the title of Rama I.


Every tourist in Thailand is excited about nightlife. Romance, a touch of seduction, & a little mixture of exoticism are some excitement factors of nightlife in Thailand. It’s not true that the nightlife of Thailand is just limited to bars & massage parlors, you’ll find a lot of other things.
Beautiful traditional dancing, lively nightclubs, road-side restaurants, and gigantic parks are some highlights of many in the list of Thailand nightlife activities. Other noticeable experiences are pool parties, foam parties, night markets, dinner cruises & night safaris. 

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All-in-all, nightlife in Thailand can be amazing yet hectic but you’ll take away a lot of memories with you. If you haven’t booked your trip to Thailand, contact ThailandAmazing.com right now & be ready to experience some crazy nightlife in Thailand.

Shopping in Thailand

Variety in Thailand marketplaces is endless. You’ll find a lot of items in Thai markets that will capture your heart. You won’t believe it but shopping in Thailand can be pretty affordable if you pick the right places.

Now if we talk about the types of markets in Thailand, they are just eye-catching. From road-side stalls to huge shopping malls, you’ll find a good number of markets. Your shopping experience won’t be dull but exhilarating.

For most of the tourists, Thailand is easy on the pocket. If your national currency value is greater than baht, you are in luck. For less, you’ll be able to shop more and fill those extra bags with memorable stuff.

People who are good at bargaining will have an upper hand in Thai markets. The locals who own the shops are pretty giving & kind towards the tourists, a little bargain will surely help you to stock more items.