Benefits of Hair Transplant in Thailand

If you are experiencing a receding hairline because of genetics or old age, you can always restore your hair by undergoing a transplant. Depending on the extent of the hair loss, you might have to use surgical or non-surgical techniques. Luckily, most clinics that do hair transplantations in Thailand have both options. 

Regardless of your preferred technique, here are the top benefits of undergoing a hair transplant in Thailand as per Thailand Amazing.

Improved Appearance

Most hair transplant patients are usually after a better appearance. Having a bald scalp often lowers their self-esteem, but this procedure restores their pride by growing natural hair on those hairless spots. It also makes the feel more attractive.


As compared to Europe and the United States, Thailand charges lower fees for cosmetic procedures like hair transplants without compromising quality. It is also easier to get into Thailand compared to western countries.

Additionally, hair transplants offer a permanent solution to hair loss. You do not have to make continual trips to your doctor once the process is complete.

It is Relatively Painless

Some people fear undergoing surgical hair transplants because they believe that the procedure is painful. The reality is that the doctor administers local anesthesia before starting than numbs the skin and makes the process painless. Even better, technological advancements that only a negligible percentage of patients experience side effects after surgery. 

Little Maintenance

Another benefit of having a hair transplant in that is that it requires little maintenance. Since the transplanted hair is moved from one part of your body to another, it works like natural hair. You do not need to select chemicals and shampoos to maintain their density. More importantly, it is a one-off procedure.


Besides offering different techniques of hair transplant, Thailand has a variety of clinics that provide this service. You are assured of finding a suitable choice regardless of your budget. The good thing is that the government’s health ministry approves most doctors.  


Thailand is fast becoming a top destination for medical tourism. The driving factor behind this surge is that the country offers quality services at affordable costs.  

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