Common Breast Lift Questions Answered

Mastopexy, popularly known as breast lift, is the best procedure to reshape your breast. The surgery works by eliminating excess skin and tissue around your breast. You can expect to restore your youthful appearance after this procedure. Despite its efficiency and guaranteed safety, most people still have questions about a breast lift in Thailand

Luckily, Thailand Amazing will answer all your top breast lift questions in this guide. 

What is a Breast Lift?

Simply put, a breast lift is a surgical procedure that seeks to restore your youthful breast contour. A certified breast surgeon usually conducts the procedure. The plastic surgeon will eliminate excess skin and tissue around the breast area during your breast lift surgery to give your breasts more support. 

Studies show that the procedure is efficient for women or men who want to restore their youthful appearance due to breastfeeding, aging, weight changes, pregnancy, conditions, and gravity. 

How Long Does a Breast Lift Last?

Studies suggest that breast lifts tend to last 10 to 15 years on average. It is best to note that breasts lift longevity varies from one patient to another due to various factors like your skin, weight fluctuations, surgical technique, and breast support. Eating a healthy diet and wearing a supportive bra before exercising can prevent sagging. 

Is Breast Lift Painful?

Like any other surgical procedure, you will likely experience some pain and discomfort during your breast lift surgery. Luckily, an experienced plastic surgeon can help reduce some of the discomfort using professional training. The surgeon can also use general anesthesia to make things less difficult for you. You will also be given prescription pain medication to ease the discomfort once you get home. 

The amount of pain you will likely experience is determined by various factors like the surgical technique, your endurance, and the expertise of your surgeon. Make sure to contact your plastic surgeon if the pain is unbearable. 

Do I Need to Wear a Bra After the Surgery?

It is advisable always to wear a supportive bra after the surgery to enhance comfort and breathability. Support bras will also help you to maintain your desired bust line contour. 

Wrapping Up

Breasts lift in Thailand will restore your youthful appearance and prevent discomfort. Schedule your breast lift surgery today to enjoy the powerful benefits. 

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