How to Apply for Admission to International Schools in Thailand

Like other schools, the process starts with sending an application letter, either in writing or online. 

Here is a systematic guide to follow when enrolling your kid in an international school in Bangkok

Fill the Inquiry Form

The primary objective of this process is that the inquiry form expresses a student’s interest in an institution. These forms are available online or for pick-ups at schools. 

Visiting the School

After submitting the inquiry form, the next step involves touring the schools. This familiarises the student and parents with the institution. If you live nearby, a physical tour would be ideal. However, those who live overseas can conduct virtual tours. 


Once the school admissions board reviews the applications, successful applicants get invitations for interviews, usually via email. If unsuccessful, you have to wait for another year because each learner is limited to one application per year. 

At the interview, the panellists will assess your child’s level of knowledge and previous educational background. If they were unfamiliar with the international curriculum, they might have to undergo some tests to prove that they can handle it. 

The final phase of the interview seeks to establish the kid’s ability to pay tuition fees and cater to personal expenses. If the student has exceptional academic ability but cannot raise sufficient funds to meet their needs, the institution might consider offering a scholarship.


If your child passes the interview, they move on to the final step of admission, which is registration. Here, they have to pay the fees and sign the school’s letter of acceptance. 

What Influences Student Admission?

Your student might meet all the eligibility criteria, but if your desired school has no vacant spaces, they will not be admitted. 

Moreover, performance in interview also affects your kid’s admission chances. If they show confidence and a mastery of academics, they are likely to get a chance. Suppose they fidget or shy off, the chances are low because these institutions have a high competition for places, as per the Thailand Amazing website. 

In conclusion, your youngster must be adept at English since it is the official language in most schools. 

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