Start Your Business in Thailand Guide

Thailand has a lot of potential for a successful business if you:

Have a strong idea and business plan
Have ample supply of funds to start your business
Willingness to understand Thai culture, mentality and be open minded with a huge dose of patience

Before you read any further, my advice is that if you are a casual visitor to Thailand you might want to stay in Thailand much longer to get a better feel of what you will be getting involved in. Unless you have so much money that you don’t know what to do with it (if that is the case please write me a check). And whether you like it or not you will have to learn the Thai language and perhaps even read Thai in order for your business to grow successfully.

Finally, you should assess your goals and think through your plan. If your wish and desire is to open a small business in Thailand with limited capital you have to accept the fact that it might not make you a millionaire back home. However, if your business is successful, you can look forward to having a very comfortable living while enjoying life in Thailand.
How Much Money Does It Cost To Start A Business In Thailand

There is no magic bullet figure. Though it is safe to say that the cost of opening shop in Thailand from start to finish is cheaper than opening one in your home country. Just keep in mind that the cost of opening up in Bangkok will cost slightly more, especially the cost of rent in prime locations which in the big city is higher compared to the rest of the country. But it is also where you can make the most money since the majority of the wealth is in Bangkok.

Manual labor and construction is very affordable. Once the shop is opened and depending on the type of business you are running; electricity, water, inventory and staff salaries are way more affordable compared to the United States. As of writing a salary of 6,000THB – 8,000THB is the norm for Thais working in restaurants, shops and department stores in Bangkok.