What Are The Benefits Of Teaching Mindfulness To Kids?

Mindfulness is becoming quite popular in schools. It is a simple yet effective activity that can be practiced by children of all ages. There are so many ways to practice mindfulness with kids depending on their age. Below are a few ways mindfulness will help improve a child’s overall well-being according to Thailandamazing.

Improves self-control

The objective of teaching children mindfulness is to help them intentionally focus on their body and breath. Children easily get distracted and training them to concentrate on one thing helps them learn self-control. During mindfulness, that moment when they lose focus and then intentionally bring back the body to focus is the ‘magic moment.’ Your child consciously moving their attention helps their brains learn how to focus.

Reduces stress and anxiety

Nowadays, children are constantly anxious and stressed out. With tight schedules, pressure to do well in school, and exposure to countless gadgets, children have minimal time to play outdoors. Mindfulness activities help to reduce anxiety in children. Consistently practicing mindfulness helps the child’s brain slow down, therefore, reducing their stress levels.

Boosts confidence

A lot of children struggle with negative self-image and are very worried about it. They may struggle accepting their backgrounds or even their bodies. By teaching such children mindfulness, they are able to appreciate the good about themselves which raises their confidence and self-esteem.

Makes them better at decision making

Mindfulness is all about bringing our minds to the present. Children who practice mindfulness for at least 10 minutes every day are able to make better and faster decisions.

Makes children better communicators

Mindfulness activities will help your child get in touch with their feelings and thoughts. With more awareness on how they are feeling at the moment, they become more emotionally stable and are able to listen and communicate with their peer’s way better. This reduces chances of playground fights.


Although it takes time, setting time to practice mindfulness with your children will bring forth lots of benefits. As with children, slow and consistency is your best bet.

If you want to practice mindfulness for your kids, The Mindfulness Academy of Asia (MAA) is good way.